sUMMER 2019

4903 Forest Drive

Columbia, SC 29206


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Poke, Hawaiian for  "to slice or cut",  is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer or main course in Hawaiian cuisine.  

Poke is Hawaiian's favorite food because it is healthy, delicious, and totally unique.  It took all of the best components of sushi and put them together in a easy to eat bowl!  Its so easy and customize-able.  Fresh proteins mixed with an unlimited variety of fruits and vegetables in your own choice of sauce topped with your choice of crunchy toppings.  What's not to love about poke- we're obsessed!



At Freshe Poke, we are committed to serving the freshest and highest quality ingredients in a convenient and responsible way.  That also means we strive to source premium fish in the most sustainable way while still maintain a reasonable price point. This philosophy extends into all areas of our offerings - from our produce to our sauces and even to the ingredients used to infuse our teas.  Our team will be working closely with our suppliers to ensure we're sourcing the best catch daily.